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Safety valves with pneumatic drive

The shut-off valves, with the installation of any drive, are designed to operate in remote control mode.

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What is the difference between a full-bore and a half-bore ball valve

Technical characteristics show that with the same connecting diameter, ball valves have different throughput. The thing is that…

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Filters for cleaning liquids and gases

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Mesh filters are designed for mechanical cleaning of transported liquid or gaseous media from solid suspended particles. Their installation makes it possible to ensure the protection of critical nodes of pipeline systems.

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Non-return pipeline valve

The pipeline check valve has proven itself well in preventing the reverse movement of the medium through the pipeline. This product makes it possible to reduce the internal pressure in the pipes, and also eliminates the pump stop.

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Definition and classification of pipe fittings

The current GOST 24856-2014 defines the fittings of pipeline systems as a technical element used to control the movement and flow of the transported medium.

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Ball coupling valves – features and advantages

The products belong to the category of shut-off valves, which are installed on certain sections of the pipeline in order to block water or working fluid.

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