Definition and classification of pipe fittings

The current GOST 24856-2014 defines the fittings of pipeline systems as a technical element used to control the movement and flow of the transported medium. This is done by changing the area of the internal cross-section or the direction of the passage channel. In this case, the concept of control implies closing, opening, convergence, divergence, adjustment and external distribution.

Water-proof glasses, air vents, filters, sumpers, revisions, hatches, plugs and other similar products do not belong to this category. They do not perform flow control, but perform other functions. Therefore, they should be called the technical term – special devices.

арматура трубопроводных систем

Accepted standard classification

Fittings installed on pipelines and equipment are classified according to the following main features:

  • type – a concept that defines the functional purpose of an element, which can be shut–off, regulating, safety, return, distribution or combined;
  • type – determines the movement of the shut–off and regulating body, for example, in valves, valves, valves or cranes;
  • standard size – indicates the nominal cross-section or diameter of the conditional passage;
  • technical specifications – contain information about pressure, temperature, dimensions, weight and other operating parameters;
  • purpose – the functionality of the installed pipe fittings;
  • control method – manual, remote or automatic;
  • drive (actuator) – flywheel, handle, gearbox, pneumatics, hydraulics or electromechanics;
  • method of connection to the pipeline and equipment – flanged, welded, coupling or flanged clamping;
  • explosion protection – no sparking during operation of the device.

In addition, the Interstate Standard also contains more than 50 classification features.

классификация трубопроводной арматуры

Materials used 

Various grades of steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metal alloys, plastics are used in the manufacture of fittings. Rubber, rubber, paronite, stuffing boxes, polymers and sealants are used as sealing materials. To protect against corrosion, all external surfaces are painted with two layers of paint on the ground or have another coating resistant to external influences.

The choice of materials for manufacturing depends on the parameters of operation, purpose and level of requirements for reliability and durability. Stainless and high-alloy steels are used to work in difficult conditions. Also, parts made of polymer compounds differ in the long duration of work. They are cheaper, but significantly inferior to stainless steel in terms of operating temperature and pressure ranges.

Трубопроводные ручки Фобос
Handles of pipe fittings of our production against the background of handles of products of other manufacturers.

When ordering pipe fittings, it is necessary to determine the working functionality of the desired device and its operating conditions. This will help you avoid mistakes and unnecessary financial costs. A qualified manager will always be able to find the optimal solution to your task.

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