Safety valves with pneumatic drive

The shut-off valves, with the installation of any drive, are designed to operate in remote control mode. The peculiarity of pneumatic mechanisms is the possibility of operating cranes in explosive areas. The actuation of the control mechanism is carried out by the supply of compressed air. This completely eliminates the possibility of sparking and explosion in a gassed space.

Inides of pneumatic actuators

Structurally, the pneumatic actuator can be one-sided or two-sided. In the first case, the locking ball is rotated in one direction by compressed air, and in the other by the force of the installed spring. Such devices are installed on quick-release shut-off valves. The two-sided version provides for turning the locking ball in any direction under air pressure. This equipment allows you to use the valve not only as a shut-off, but also as a regulating one.

краны с пневматическим приводом на объекте
pneumatic-operated cranes

If necessary, pneumatic actuators are equipped with a filter-reducer, an air distributor, a manual doubler. The order of remotely controlled valves is possible after the customer fills in the questionnaire.

General description of the construction

The main assembly elements of the ball valve:

  • steel housing;
  • rotary shut-off plug;
  • vertical spindle;
  • two pipes for connection to the pipeline;
  • threaded studs and nuts;
  • sealing seats made of fluoroplast;
  • pneumatic actuator with a square mounting flange.

All metal surfaces are painted with polymer paint on the ground.

The crane body is made of stainless 12X18H10T, carbon steel St20 or frost-resistant 09G2C steel. Rotary spindle and ball made of stainless steel 14X17N2T. Fluoroplast F4 is used as a cushioning material.

Operating parameters

Ball valves with pneumatic drive are designed for continuous trouble-free operation under the following conditions:

  • maximum permissible pressure – 1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.3 or 10 MPa;
  • working medium temperature – from -60 °C to +160°C;
  • climatic version – U2 from -40°C to +40 °C;
  • compressed air pressure – 0.4-0.8 MPa.

The estimated working life is 8000 cycles. The design of the housing is collapsible, which allows for repairs with the replacement of worn parts.

Working environment – cold and hot water, natural gas, air, light oil products, other liquids and gaseous products.

The offered range

The reinforcement company “PHOBOS” produces ball valves with pneumatic drive with a diameter of conditional passage from 15 to 150 mm. Depending on the purpose of the valve, the pneumatic actuator can be one-sided or two-sided.

Краны с пневмоприводом производства Фобос

When applying for the purchase of fittings, it is necessary to fill out a questionnaire in which it is indicated:

  • diameter of the conditional passage;
  • operating pressure and temperature;
  • the desired type of connecting pipes;
  • operating conditions;
  • requirements for additional equipment.

In case of difficulties in processing the data, contact a representative of the company.

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