Quality management system

Quality policy

The strategic goal is to satisfy the interests of shareholders, the company’s personnel and the company by launching products on the market that have high quality that meet the requirements of consumers with their efficient and reliable operation during the life cycle. Continuous improvement of customer satisfaction.

Quality Manual

The requirements of the Quality Manual apply to all activities of the enterprise in the field of quality management, design and manufacture of shut-off and control pipe fittings, starting from the receipt of the order to the delivery to the consumer of finished products that have passed final control with the registration of appropriate quality certificates.

Quality program

Implementation of the business development model of the enterprise on the basis of comprehensive implementation and improvement of the quality management system

Система менеджмента качества

The quality management system of Fobos CJSC complies with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2000, API Spec Q1 and ISO/TS29001. Certificate of Conformity and license for the right to use the API monogram for products according to Spec 6D specification, API certification body (American Petroleum Institute) № 6D-0843

Serial production of ball valves FB39 meets the requirements of regulatory documents of the Gosstandart of Russia, the norms and rules of Gosgortehnadzor of Russia in terms of safety requirements. Certificate of Conformity no. ROSS RU.AYA45.

The use of FB39 ball valves at chemical, petrochemical, oil refining and other industries and facilities related to the handling or storage of explosive and toxic substances and mixtures, as well as at gas facilities, is permitted by the Gosgortehnadzor of Russia. Rostechnadzor permit No. RRS 00-31539.

The production of shut-off and safety valves for the transportation of liquefied petroleum gases has been certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
Certificate of inspection of the enterprise No. 05.50224.130

The production and application (use) of ball valves FB39 complies with state sanitary and epidemiological rules and regulations. Sanitary and epidemiological conclusion No.

JSC “RC "FOBOS" winner of the Program "100 best goods of Russia"
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