Ball coupling valves – features and advantages

The popularity of ball coupling cranes is fully justified. In the case of any type of repair, it is not necessary to completely turn off the water supply – it is enough to use a special device that is reliable, durable and easy to use. The products belong to the category of shut-off valves, which are installed on certain sections of the pipeline in order to block water or working fluid.

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Let’s consider the main areas of application and advantages of acquisition.

The main reasons for buying

First of all, the product enjoys exceptional popularity in the process of installing pipelines inside residential buildings. Of the other types of shut-off valves , such a system has the following features:

  • Long-term use. The cheapest option will operate for 5 years. The system can withstand tens of thousands of actuations. Some models have been working for decades. 
  • Small weight and size. The device is based on a small ball mechanism and a housing that does not require a large number of connecting elements. In addition, the entire structure practically does not put pressure on the pipe due to its low weight. 
  • Lots of options. Thanks to a large selection of models, it is possible to choose an inexpensive and relatively high-quality option. Consider only the best alternatives that are strong and durable. 
  • The control mechanism is located in different ways. The presence of this characteristic means that it will be installed in a convenient place, and the valve will turn easily. 
  • Tightness. In the closed position, the barrier completely stops the liquid. This is facilitated by special saddles that fit snugly to the wall. 
  • Just attach and use. There are few details and fastening elements in the crane. 
  • Fast service. Therefore, there is no need to calibrate, tighten components and replace sealing elements. 
  • Management does not require special skills. There is no need to apply excessive physical force to regulate the flow. Opening and closing is carried out in one movement. The pressure is also easily adjustable.
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What should be considered before buying a ball coupling valve?

In the process of purchasing shut-off valves of this type, it is necessary to take into account the parameters of the pipeline and the characteristics of the working fluid that will flow through the pipe. The professional takes into account the diameter and cross-section indicator. It is important to determine the location of the pipe, the purpose, the limit of operation, the pressure, the method of installation and the material of manufacture of the crane itself.

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