Rotary flanged disc shutter with self-centering disc FB99 (DN40-300, PN 0.6-1.6 MPa)


for water, air, alcohols and esters, aggressive media, petroleum products and natural gas.

DU40-300, Ru0,6-1,6 MPa

The rotary flanged disc valve, like ball valves, is one of the most modern and progressive types of fittings.

Advantages: small construction dimensions and weight; simplicity of construction, a small number of parts; relative ease of repair, the possibility of quick replacement of sealing elements; the possibility of application for large pipeline diameters.

Recommended by the manufacturer for use

Distinctive features of the gate design are a self-regulating disk inside the seal seat and a single through rod with an external disk position indicator. The gate does not require flange seals during installation.

Production: ЗАО «Арматурная Компания «ФОБОС», Россия
Cost: по запросу
Working medium Media where the valve material is corrosion-resistant
Nominal pressure, PN1.6;
The tightness class of the gate according to GOST 9544-2015А
Climatic version according to GOST 15150-69U1 (-40°C…+40°C) or UHL1 (-60°C…+50°C)
Handle turning force, N150 max
Connection to the pipelineflanged
Actuatormanual, via gearbox
(can be equipped with pneumatic and electric drive)

The rotary disc shutter consists of a cast housing 1, a seat 4 made of synthetic rubber, which is fixed inside the housing, taking its shape. Vulcanized O-rings of circular cross-section are located directly in the saddle (around the stem holes and along the outer profile of the saddle, relief). These features ensure the installation of the gate between the flanges without gaskets, as well as better tightness in relation to the external environment. The locking body is a disc 2, cast, with a square hole for transmitting torque from the rod. The edges of the disc are rounded and polished to facilitate opening and closing. A through rod 3 is installed on top of the housing and the disc. The connection of the disc with the rod is floating, so that the disc self-centers inside the seat. A plate 5 is installed on the flange of the housing, protecting the stem from pulling out and, together with a rubber ring 7, serving for additional sealing of the stem. The plate is fixed with screws 6. The shutter can be equipped with a locking lever for 10 positions, a gearbox with a manual flywheel, a pneumatic actuator of both double action and with a spring return or electric drive.


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Water, air,
alcohols, ethers
Oil products,
natural gas
1Valve body12X18N9TLSteel 25L

The shutter is a rotary disk flanged.


FB99 000 050 000161254341816180296550812,6
FB99 000 065 00014517517589
FB99 000 080 00016046818195
FB99 000 100 0001805220011490701015,77
FB99 000 200 0002956012260175351251021222,1
FB99 000 250 000355682628,4520328,45
FB99 000 300 0004107833724231,6


Chemical resistance of seal materials

A Well, the liquid has no effect, or it is insignificant
B Acceptable, liquid has little effect (swelling, loss of tear resistance, swelling)
C Not suitable, softens quickly


Liquids, groups of liquidsEPDMVITONPTFE
Fatty hydrocarbons: gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil,
crude oil, oil
Gasoline with aromatic, essential and methanol additivescAA
Aromatic hydrocarbons: gasoline, toluene, xyleneСАА
Chlorinated hydrocarbons: methylene chloride (trichloroethylene)САА
Alcohols: ethyl, methyl, isopropylААА
Amines: aniline, butylamine, pyridine, diethylamine, triethylamineССА
Acetic acid salts, aldehydes, esters, etherАСА
Ketones: zietone, methyl-ethyl-ketone, cyclohexanoneАСА
Glycol, defrosting and non-freezing liquidsАВА
Drinking water, food products - including oily slightly
grainy milk fats
Sea water, chilled, also with oil impurities, waste waterААА
Asphalt, hot bitumen (t up to 200 °C)ВАС
Tar, coal tar, cresol, phenolААА
Saturated steam with a temperature of up to 220 ° C under high pressureСАС
Ammonium hydros, liquid fertilizersАВА
Salt solutions, liquids with low acid content, solutions
of carbonic acid salts, chlorides, nitrates and phosphates
Alkalis: caustic potassium, caustic soda, washing alkalis t up to 100 °CАВА
Formic acidААА
Chlorosulfate acidСВА
Chromic acidВАА
Acetic acidААА
Hydrofluoric acidААА
Oxalic acidААА
Phosphoric acidААА
Nitric acid 30%САА
Nitric acid 30-70%САА
Nitric acid 70-90%САА
Hypochlorous acidААА
Sulfuric acid 65%ААА
Sulfuric acid 65-95%ВАА
Sulfuric acid 96%САА

The FB99 (FB99) series rotary butterfly valve is the most well-known and widespread shut-off valves of this type. This is due to the reliability, durability, low cost and simplicity of the design of products. They are used as shut-off and regulating devices for pipeline transportation of water, gas, petroleum products, alcohols and mildly aggressive media.


General description

A special feature of the design is a self-centering disk mounted on a rotary rod with an external position indicator. The disc shutter is assembled from the following elements:

  • cast steel housing;
  • rubber seat fixed inside;
  • locking disc;
  • through-turn rod;
  • a control lever with a position lock for 10 positions.


Metal parts are made of stainless alloy steel grade 12X18NTL. Seals, depending on the characteristics of the working medium, PTFE, EPDM or VITON.

The design of the flanged rotary disc shutter allows the installation of a gearbox, electromechanical or pneumatic drive.

Technical and operational characteristics


  • the diameter of the conditional passage is from 40 to 300 mm;
  • the working pressure of the medium is 0.6, 1.2 and 1.6 MPa;
  • temperature – from -60°C to +200 °C, depending on the type of sealing materials;
  • climatic version UHL1, from -60°C to +50 °C;
  • connection to the pipeline is flanged;
  • spatial position any;
  • disk tightness class “A”;
  • the estimated service life is 10 years.


Manufacturer’s warranty is 24 months from the date of sale.


Cost and delivery

The price of a disc rotary flanged gate varies depending on many factors, including the design of pressure, diameter and material. Additionally, the individual wishes of the customer are taken into account.

You can buy a flanged shutter at a low price in JSC “AK”Phobos” by making an application by phone 8 (800) 700-62-60 (Moscow and all Russia) or using the services of regional managers, as well as by e-mail

Delivery of gates is carried out by the services of transport companies – Business lines, PEC. Also, transportation is carried out by rail Zheldorexpedition and other types of delivery with payment for transport services and cargo insurance services by the buyer.

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