Heated ball valves (DN15-200, PN 1.6-4.0 MPa)


as Russian-made shut-off devices on technological lines of oil refining, chemical pulp and paper and other industries with liquid and gaseous, including aggressive, working media, where, according to operating conditions, heating of the working medium is necessary to avoid solidification.

Heated ball valves are intended to be fitted as stop/shutoff valves in the process lines at chemical and oil-refining plants, as well as at pulp-and-paper mills and other production facilities using fluid, gaseous as well as corrosive working media where working medium heating is required in order to avoid gelation, for instance, in the process lines of liquid sulfur or chocolate. Distinctive features of these valves are special design of ball and ball seat which provides advanced reliability, and also stamp-welded design of body and heating jackets and casting design of valves.

Production: ЗАО «Арматурная Компания «ФОБОС», Россия
Cost: по запросу
Working medium Media where the valve material is corrosion-resistant
Nominal pressure, PN1,6; 2,5; 4,0
Working medium temperature
For stainless and low temperature carbon steel– 60°С…+160 °С
For carbon steel– 40°С…+160 °С
The tightness class of the gate according to GOST 9544-2015А
Climatic version according to GOST 15150-69U1 (-40°C…+40°C) or UHL1 (-60°C…+50°C)
Handle turning force, N150 max
Total service life, cycles8000
The full service life10

The valve body comprises the inner pipe and the shell, which are forming an annular chamber. Into this chamber, the heat transfer agent is admitted via the nipple to heat the working medium. The valve body and the ball (3) are sealed with the ball seats (5). The cap-body joining is sealed with the joint gaskets (7). To tighten the ball seats (5) and the joint gaskets (7) the flanges are to be bolted together by stud bolts until the ball seats stop positively against the valve body (1). The blowout proof valve stem (4) is sealed with stem packing (8) and stem seal (11). Valve shifting is performed by turning handle (12) through 90 degrees. Remotely controlled valves provided with pneumatic and electrical actuators are available. The valve can be mounted on the pipeline in any attitude position required. The valve can be supplied with the valve-locking device.


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No.DesignationMaterials used in various valve versions
Basic version-02-03
1Valve bodySteel 321H (X12CrNiTi 18 9)Steel 1023 (C 22)cold-resistant steel
2Branch pipe
3PlugSteel 321H (X12CrNiTi 18 9)
4SpindleSteel 14X17N2
6RingSteel 321H (X12CrNiTi 18 9)
9PuckSteel 321H (X12CrNiTi 18 9)
10Nut boltSteel 20
12HandleSteel 08H18N1 FROM
13Stud boltSteel 1023 (C 22)X13Steel 1035 (C 35)cold-resistant steel
14Cap nutSteel 321H (X12CrNiTi 18 9)
15NippleSteel 1023 (C 22)
3D models for design:
You can download it in STEP format (use WinRAR or WinZip to unpack the archives):

Pic. 1

Pic. 2

Table 1


BALL VALVE - PN16 -10NZH29P, 10S29P1
FB39.010.010. 80016101301348950906014467,31
FB39. 010. 015. 8001513013489509565
FB39. 010. 020. 800201501339086,5105751014
FB39. 010. 025. 800*251601339086,511585
FB39. 010. 032. 8003218026812710013510018
FB39.010.040. 80040200249132105145110
FB39. 010. 050. 80050230245137110160125
FB39. 010. 065. 80065290245145125180145
FB39.010.080. 8008031032017413519516041,2
FB39.010. 100. 80010035045221717021518082025
FB39.011. 100. 800**350202264170215180
FB39.010. 125. 800*125400320188187245210
FB39.011. 125. 800* **125400202264187245210
FB39.010. 150. 800150480100024222728024022
FB39.011. 150. 800**150480202346227280240
FB39.010. 200. 800*200/150600100023422733529512
FB39. 011. 200. 800* **60022132522733529512
BALL VALVE -FLOOD25 - 10NJ30P, 10S30P1
FB39. 110. 010. 80025101301348950906014467,31
FB39. 110. 015. 8001513013489509565
FB39. 110. 020. 800201501339086,5105751014
FB39. 110. 025. 800*251601339086,511585
FB39. 110. 032. 8003218024512810013510018
FB39.110.040. 80040200245130105145110
FB39.110.050. 80050230245137110160125
FB39. 110. 065. 800652902451451251801458
FB39.110.080. 800803104502031351951601,2
FB39.110. 100. 800100350452217170230190222025
FB39.111. 100. 800100350202264170230190
FB39.110. 125. 800*125/100400450255187270220268
FB39.111. 125. 800* **400202264187270220
FB39.110. 150. 800150480400220227300250
FB39.111. 150. 800* **480221314227300250
FB39. 110. 200. 800*200/15060045830622736031012
FB39.111. 200. 800* **600221314227300250
BALL VALVE -FLOOD40 - 10NJ31P, 10S31P1
FB39. 210. 010. 80040101301458850906014467,31
FB39. 210. 015. 8001513013489509565
FB39. 210. 020. 800201501339086,5105751014
FB39. 210. 025. 800*251601339086,511585
FB39. 210. 032. 8003218024512810013510018
FB39. 210. 040. 80040200245130105145110
FB39. 210. 050. 80050230245138110160125
FB39. 210. 065. 000652902451451251801458
FB39.210.080. 800803104521761351951601,2
FB39.210. 100. 800100350452217170230190222025
FB39.210. 125. 800*125/10040045221717027022026
FB39.211. 125. 800* **400270200187270220
FB39.210. 150. 8001504801000242187300250
FB39.211. 150. 800**480221314227300250
FB39.210. 200. 800200/15060010002422273753203012
FB39.211. 200. 800* **600221314227375320


* – reduced bore
The X is for: 0(for PN16), 1(for PN25), 2(for PN40)


Pic. 3
(a) – execution E (b) – execution F c) – execution, C, L, d) – execution (D, M)


Table 2
FB 39.X20.010.80016/25/40101117230145925067,34
FB 39.X20.015.8001517222301349250
FB 39.X20.020.80020222823013498,586,51014
FB 39.X20.025.80025/20273223013498,586,5
FB 39.X20.032.800323442260245127100
FB 39.X20.040.80040404300245130105
FB 39.X20.050.800505258230245133110
FB 39.X20.065.800656777290245150125
FB 39.X20.080.8007880883103171721352,4
FB 39.X20.100.800100991123503171901702025
FB 39.X20.125.800125/100123135400317190187
FB 39.X20.150.800150148159480540197227
FB 39.X20.200.800200202218600540197227

A heated ball valve is used as a shut-off device for installation on pipelines transporting heated products that can solidify or condense during cooling. As an example of such an environment, dark petroleum products, chocolate, liquid sulfur, water vapor can be called. The main feature of this valve is the presence of a steam shirt of the body and the use of heat-resistant fluoroplast F4K for seals.


General description

Structurally, the heated crane is a standard shut-off valve of an inter-flange installation, equipped with two clamping flanges and 4 tie pins. The main assembly elements are:

  • steel body with steam jacket;
  • locking hollow plug;
  • rotary rod (spindle);
  • handle, and for DN 150 and 200 mm gearbox;
  • two flange, welded or coupling nozzles;
  • sealing elements made of fluoroplast.


The case material can be stainless, carbon or frost-resistant steel. In accordance with the technical specification of the customer, the ball valve with heating can be equipped with a pneumatic or electromechanical drive. Similar products are used in automated and remote control systems.


Operational characteristics

  • the diameter of the conditional passage is from 15 to 200 mm in standard denominations;
  • working pressure up to 1.6, 2.5 and 4.0 MPa;
  • ambient temperature from -60°C to +160°C;
  • climatic version according to GOST 15150-60 UHL1 from -60°C to +50°C.

The working resource is not less than 8000 cycles. The estimated service life is 10 years.


Cost and delivery

The price of a heated ball valve varies depending on many factors, including pressure, diameter and material design. Additionally, the individual wishes of the customer are taken into account.

You can buy a ball valve at a low price in JSC “RC “Fobos” by making an application by phone 8 (800) 700-62-60 (Moscow and all Russia) or using the services of regional managers, as well as by e-mail

Delivery of cranes is carried out by the services of transport companies – Business lines, PEC. Transportation is also carried out by rail Zheldorexpedition and other types of delivery with payment for transport services and cargo insurance services by the buyer.

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