Electrically actuated single-cap ball valves


for installation as Russian-made shut-off devices on technological lines of chemical, oil refining, pulp and paper and other industries with liquid, gaseous, including aggressive, working media.

Electrically actuated single-cap ball valves FB 39 are intended to be fitted as stop/shutoff valves in the process lines at chemical and oil-refining plants, as well as at pulp-and-paper mills and other production facilities using fluid, gaseous as well as corrosive working media.

Production: ЗАО «Арматурная Компания «ФОБОС», Россия
Cost: по запросу
Working mediumLiquid & gaseous media where the valve material is corrosion-resistant
Nominal bore, mm1.6; 2.5;
Working medium temperature
For stainless and low temperature carbon steel– 60°С…+160 °С
For carbon steel– 40°С…+160 °С
The tightness class of the gate according to GOST 9544-2015А
Climatic version according to GOST 15150-69U1 (-40°C…+40°C) or UHL1 (-60°C…+50°C)
Handle turning force, N150 max
Connection to the pipelineflanged
Total service life, cycles8000
The full service life10

The through valve consists of the body 1, the cap 9, and the flange 4, sealed with joint gaskets 6 and bolted together by stud bolts 14. The ball 3 is sealed with the ball seats 7. The stem 5 is sealed with the stem packing 8 and the stem seal 9. The working medium can be admitted to any of the caps. The bracket 16 joins the electric actuator and the valve. The torque passes on the stem by the adaptor 15. The electrical actuator performs the ball 90? turning. The valve can be mounted on the pipeline in any attitude position required.


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No.DesignationMaterials used in various valve versions
-00, -10-01,-11-02,-12-03,-13-04, -14
1BodySteel 321H (X12CrNiTi 18 9)Steel 1023 (C 22)Steel 321H (X12CrNiTi 18 9)
2Branch pipe
3PlugSteel 321H (X12CrNiTi 18 9)
4FlangeSteel 321H (X12CrNiTi 18 9)Steel 1023 (C 22)Steel 1023 (C 22)
5SpindleSteel 431
6Padrubberized asbestos fabric
8Sealing ring
9Sealing ring
10Rubber ringEP-503Н-183EP-503Н-183
11DishwasherSteel 9260 (65Si7)
12Stem nutSteel 321 (X10CrNiTi 18 9)
13Nut boltSteel 12H18NKLSteel 1035 (C 35)cold-resistant steel
14Stud boltSteel 1023 (C 22)X13



R3 – resistor
C – capacitor


Fluoroplast resistance diagram



DNPNDD1D2LdnHABCDEElectric actuator MEOFPower
requirement, W
Weight, kg
FB39 014 015 0001516956547108144290190120230245150MEOF-40 /25-0.25-96K708,8
FB39 014 020 0002010575581173069,3
FB39 014 025 000*2511585681273069,5
FB39 014 032 00032135100781401832513,5
FB39 014 040 000401451108817033014,3
FB39 014 065 00065180145122190430305198200483100MEOF-100/


All the types of FOBOS ball valves can be supplied with МЭОФ actuators.
Nominal pressures see at performance data.
Connecting dimensions see at corresponding sections of the catalogue.
The table contains the data of ball valves with standart industrial electrical actuator.
The designation of explosion-proof valves version is FB39 ХХ5 ХХХ ХХХ (see classifier), the designation of explosion-proof version of actuators is МЭОФ ХХХ/ХХ-0.25-II BT4
When placing the order it is OBLIGATORY to fill in a questionnaire and specify the weight and connecting dimensions of the article.
Dimensions of actuators and integration versions are specified in accordance with service conditions, and also with the output of new types of actuators.



Single-tube ball valves with MEOF electrical wiring are used as shut-off devices for technological pipelines and equipment. Designed as a modern alternative to the 30c941nzh and 30nzh941nzh gate valves. The presence of an electric drive allows the use of this valve for remote and automated control.

Cranes are stably operated when transporting heated chemically aggressive media under pressure. They are recommended for chemical, oil refining, pulp and paper and other industries. At the request of the customer, they can be manufactured in explosion-proof and low-voltage versions.



The basis of the design is a steel body and a flange pipe fixed on studs. A rotating overlapping ball (stopper) is installed inside the case. Rotation of the ball by means of an electric drive through the coupling and the connecting spindle. The cushioning material is fluoroplast F4. The body and branch pipe of the single-tube crane are covered with blue polymer paint.


Main technical characteristics

  • the diameter range of the conditional passage is from 15 to 100 mm;
  • working medium pressure 1.6 or 2.5 MPa;
  • temperature from -60°C to +160°C;
  • climatic version Y, from -40°C to +40 °C;
  • average resource 8000 cycles;
  • drive power supply 380 V, 50 Hz (low-voltage – 12 V) ;
  • power consumption from 50 to 400 W, depending on the diameter of the valve.


The estimated service life of the crane is at least 10 years.



The price of a single-tube ball valve with an electric drive varies depending on many factors, including pressure, diameter and material design. Additionally, the individual wishes of the customer are taken into account.

You can buy a ball valve at an affordable price in JSC RC “Fobos” by making an application by phone 8 (800) 700-62-60 (Moscow and all Russia) or using the services of regional managers, as well as by e-mail

Delivery of single-tube cranes is carried out by the services of transport companies – Business Lines, PEC. Transportation is also carried out by rail Zheldorexpedition and other types of delivery with payment for transport services and cargo insurance services by the buyer.

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