Cryogenic welding-end ball valves


for installation as a Russian-made shut-off device on pipelines transporting liquid and gaseous media (methane) at cryogenic temperatures.

Cryogenic welding-end ball valves are intended to be fitted as stop/shutoff valves on pipelines of liquid and gaseous media (methane) at cryogenic temperatures. Distinctive features of these valves are possibility to use at low temperatures till -196 °С and casting design of valves.

Production: ЗАО «Арматурная Компания «ФОБОС», Россия
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Working mediumLiquid & gaseous media where the valve material is corrosion-resistant
Nominal pressure, PN100
Working medium temperature-196°С … +180°С
Gate leak-proofness class by GOSТ 9544-93А (without leakage)
Operation factors of electrostatic protectionAt voltage of 12V electrical resistance is10 Om max
Climatic version according to GOST 15150-69U1 (-40°C…+40°C) or UHL1 (-60°C…+50°C)
Connection to the pipelineflanged, coupling
Handle turning force, N150 max
Total service life, cycles8000
The full service life10

The ball valve consists of the body (1) and the caps (2) bolted together by bolts (12). The ball seat (7) presses the ball (3). The joining of the valve body and the caps (2) is sealed with the joint gaskets (8). The stem (6) has an extension center. The valve is supplied with a pipe (4) bolted to the body (1), the stem (6) is inside this pipe. There is a sealing set in the upper part of the pipe consisting of thrust washers (10) and a bonnet (5) bolted together by nuts (16) stud bolts (15). Для уплотнения соединения фланцев 14 и 15 между ними расположена прокладка 18. The movement assembly has a handle (14) and a stop (13) fixed in the end part of the stem (6). Such design provides for using the valve if in the pipeline there is a pipe covering witch increases significantly the diameter of the pipeline because of the handle placing outside this pipe covering.


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1Valve bodySteel 12X18N10T
2Branch pipe
6SpindleSteel 14X17N2
7SaddleModified Fluoroplast F4
9PuckSteel 12X18N10T
11PinSteel 12X18N9
13EmphasisStainless steel - 440C
14HandleSteel 12X18N9
15Stud bolt
16Nut bolt



FB39 420 015 700K1516152175135241
FB39 420 020 700K2020222790135244
FB39 420 025 700K25242834100160261
FB39 420 032 700K32323742110160265
FB39 420 040 700K40384348125230300
FB39 420 050 700K50505461150230310

Cryogenic welded ball valves are used as shut-off devices on pipelines transporting highly cooled liquid and gaseous media. An important design feature of the armature is the presence of a solid cast housing and a high spindle installed inside the prefabricated column. Such a crane device allows you to provide an effective thermal insulation device.

Transported media: liquefied natural gas, propane, liquid nitrogen, freon, refrigerants and other cooled and liquefied substances.


Construction Description

The main assembly elements of the cryogenic crane are:

  • cast stainless steel case 12X18H10T;
  • two steel pipes for welding;
  • prefabricated column;
  • spindle;
  • locking ball-stopper;
  • fluoroplastic sealing seat;
  • the control handle.


The pipes are bolted, with the installation of sealing rings.  The column is fixed on a flange included in the overall configuration of the structure. The presence of a high spindle allows you to install a cryogenic crane with a thick layer of thermal insulation on the pipeline.


Technical specifications

Main operational parameters:

  • diameter of the conditional passage – 15, 20, 25, 32, 40 and 50 mm;
  • the working pressure of the medium is 10 MPa (100 kg/cm2);
  • temperature from -196°C to +180°C;
  • electrostatic protection – resistance of 10 ohms at a voltage of 12 V;
  • the average resource is 8000 cycles.


The estimated service life without repair is 10 years.



The price of a cryogenic welded ball valve varies depending on many factors, including pressure, diameter and material design. Additionally, the individual wishes of the customer are taken into account.

You can buy a ball valve at an affordable price in JSC “RC “Fobos” by making an application by phone 8 (800) 700-62-60 (Moscow and all Russia) or using the services of regional managers, as well as by e-mail

Delivery of welded cryogenic cranes is carried out by the services of transport companies – Business Lines, PEC. Also, transportation is carried out by rail Zheldorexpedition and other types of delivery with payment for transport services and cargo insurance services by the buyer.

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