All-welded ball valve (DN 20-100, 1.6, 2.5, 4.0 MPa)


gaseous and liquid media, including aggressive ones.

Advantages: high reliability, low price category, reliability.

Distinctive feature of the model: stamp-welded non-collapsible construction, Russian production.

Recommended by the manufacturer for use in public utilities, heat and power engineering and water supply.


Connection of the all-welded ball valve to the pipeline: flanged and welded.

Production: ЗАО «Арматурная Компания «ФОБОС», Россия
Cost: по запросу
Working mediumMedia where the valve material is corrosion-resistant
Nominal bore, mm1.6; 2.5; (4.0-for welded cranes)
Working medium temperature
For stainless and low temperature carbon steel– 60°С…+160 °С
For carbon steel– 40°С…+160 °С
The tightness class of the gate according to GOST 9544-2015А
Climatic version according to GOST 15150-69U1 (-40°C…+40°C) or UHL1 (-60°C…+50°C)
Handle turning force, N150 max
Total service life, cycles8000
The full service life10

Кран шаровый цельносварной Ду20-100

The ball valve has an integral all-welded construction and consists of a housing 2, side pipes 1, a floating plug 9, compressed by seats 5. The counter-flying spindle 3 is sealed with rubber rings 10 and 11. The ring 10 can be replaced in operation. A washer 6 is installed between the spindle and the neck of the housing. The neck of the housing is closed with a sleeve 8. The crane is switched by turning the handle 12 by 90 °. Supply of the working medium – to any of the pipes. The spatial position of the crane on the pipeline is arbitrary.


DesignationMaterials used in various valve versions
1TubeSteel 12X18N9TSteel 20Steel 09 G2S
2BodySteel 12X18N9TSteel 20Steel 09 G2S
3SpindleSteel 14X17N2
4HandleSteel 30
5SaddleFluoroplast F4 TU 6-05-810-88
6PuckFluoroplast F4 TU 6-05-810-88
7Nut GOST 5915-70Steel 20
8BushingSteel 14X17N2
9PlugSteel 12X18N10T
10Sealing ringRubber EP 503
11Sealing ringRubber N183
12PuckSteel 20
3D models for design:
You can download it in STEP format (use WinRAR or WinZip to unpack the archives):

Кран шаровый цельносварной Ду20-100, Pу1.6, 2.5, 4.0 МПа



DesignationDNPNLdDD1D2D3nНВWeight . kg
FB39.110.025.500* **25/20160201158572873,7
FB39.110.050.500* **50/4023040160125108181202508,3
FB39.110.080.500* **80/6516,252806419516013913713,5


*- incomplete, ** – valves are unified in pressure and connection, use for the entire range of pressures
specified in the table.

Кран шаровый цельносварной Ду20-100



DesignationDNPNLdDD1D2НВWeight . kg3D model













*- incomplete, ** – valves are unified in pressure and connection, use for the entire range of pressures
specified in the table.


The all-welded ball valve, manufactured according to the technology of all-welded production, is a product of increased strength. Shut-off valves are designed to control the flow of working media (liquids or gases) in pipelines of various values, including heat supply and gas supply systems for residential and non-residential facilities. The one-piece universal design of the model allows you to control the process of media supply at the enterprises of the oil refining, chemical, and energy industries.

What is the difference between shut-off valves of this class from cranes of other models

Structurally, all-welded ball valves consist of an unassembled body, a floating plug and side pipes. The mounting of the handle position is possible in any direction. The products on the market are represented by steel variants. Shut-off valves vary in size, temperature regime, installation locations and pipeline features. Steel ball valves can be used at temperatures up to -40 degrees C. At the same time, 09G2C steel products are designed to work in climatic zones with cold winters (up to -60 degrees C). The devices are indispensable in underground installations. The all-welded type is not subject to intense corrosion and leaks. This is quite common when using analogues with detachable connections.

Advantages of the all-welded ball valve

The all-metal housing guarantees the creation of optimal operating conditions, eliminating leaks during system loads. At the same time, the main features of the products are:

  • lower weight, compared to standard fittings;
  • no loss of pressure surges during the supply of liquids or gases;
  • the ability to quickly block the flow even at high speeds of working media;
  • possibility of operation in various climatic conditions;
  • affordable price and manufacturer’s quality guarantee.

In addition, the product range also includes flange valves and ball valves for welding. This makes it possible to find the optimal solution for each type of pipeline, without the risk of reducing its operational characteristics.


The price of an all-welded ball valve varies depending on many factors, including pressure, diameter and material performance. Additionally, the individual wishes of the customer are taken into account.

You can buy a ball valve at a low price in JSC “RC “Fobos” by making an application by phone 8 (800) 700-62-60 (Moscow and all Russia) or using the services of regional managers, as well as by e-mail

Delivery of ball valves is carried out by the services of transport companies – Business lines, PEC. Transportation is also carried out by rail Zheldorexpedition and other types of delivery with payment for transport services and cargo insurance services by the buyer

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