Ball valve DN300 with remote control gate leakage

Description of the device for remote control tightness, ball valve:

This device operates as follows
Fig. 1 depicts a faucet in position "Open"Working medium, which is under pressureflows through line A. 

Figure 1

When it is necessary to block the pipelineplug 1 ball valve turns (see Fig. 2)

Figure 2

and stops at the "closed" position (see Fig. 3).

Figure 3


In the "closed" position, there are three separate volumelines A and B on either side of the valve and the cavity in the established stopper 1,saddles (seals) 2 and the housing 3 of the crane. 
In fact, the purpose of ball valve - do not allow the flow of working fluid from the pipeline into the pipe A B (or vice versa - depending on the pressure in the pipes A and B). If the valve body joints - saddle - sealed tube, the leakage of the working medium does not occur. But if the joints are not sealed, the working medium, seeping through the joints of the data flows from the pipeline at a high pressure into the cavity in andout of the cavity in the - in line with the lower pressure.

Figure 4

Device for remote control tightness, ball valve (see Fig. 4) works as follows: after the closing plugs 1 2 solenoid valve opensthrough whichdepressurized from the cavity B. Pressure is released to the alarm sensor 3 After the alarm sensor 3 solenoid valve 2 is closedIf the gate valve is tight, then nothing further happens. If the valve is not tight ball valve, the working medium, seeping into the cavity B, raises the pressure in the cavity and the sensor produces a signal of the leaky valve. Damper 4 is designed to smooth pressure fluctuations and is only required for liquid mediaBall valve 5 is designed to shut down the system in the event of scheduled or repairs.

Figure 5

Figure 5 shows a diagram of the sensor used nowThe sensor works as follows: 
- Initial positionthe pressure is, the closed contacts 1 and 2; 
- The pressure has dropped to 0.1 MPa - pins 1 and 2 partedpins 1 and 3 are locked
- Pressure has risen to 0.13 MPa - pins 1 and 3 partedpins 1 and 2 are locked.