Rotary disc shutter with triple eccentricity and metal-to-metal seal (DN80-300 PN6.3 MPa)


for installation on pipelines as shut-off and regulating devices, it serves to block the flow and regulate the parameters of the working medium by changing its pressure and flow.

DN 80-300 PN 6.3 MPa

The rotary disc shutter with triple eccentricity is designed for

The distinctive features of the shutter design are triple eccentricity and metal-to-metal sealing, which allow increasing the temperature range of the working media used up to 300 ° C and significantly reducing the torque when opening and closing the shutter, as well as increasing the tightness of the seals.

Triple eccentricity provides advantages:

– At the moment of opening/closing the shutter, the sealing ring of the disc does not contact the seat and, as a result, is completely unloaded from the voltage.

– The absence of friction at the point of contact between the disc and the seat leads to a decrease in torque and ensures reliable operation of the disc shutter practically without wearing out the sealing ring and the seat, thereby increasing the durability of the shutter with constant tightness.

– The disc moves smoothly without friction, ensuring uniform opening and full contact along the entire perimeter of the sealing surface when closing.

Application: for gas supply and gas distribution, including with abrasive media, for mildly aggressive media, petroleum products, for water and heat supply systems; ventilation and air conditioning, etc.

Working medium Media where the valve material is corrosion-resistant
Nominal pressure, PN1,6 ; 6,3
Working medium temperature -196°С…+425°С
The tightness class of the gate according to GOST 9544-2015А
Climatic version according to GOST 15150-69U1 (-40°C…+40°C) or UHL1 (-60°C…+50°C)
Connection to the pipelineflanged
Drivemanual (can be equipped with a
gearbox or pneumatic or
electric drive)

The shutter consists of a housing 1, in which a rod 4 is installed on the bushings 6. A disk 5 is fixed on it with pins 13, on which a multilayer seal 8 is installed and secured with a thrust ring 7 and bolts. In the upper part, the rod is sealed with a stuffing box 9, pressed by a box 2, tightened with studs and nuts. From below, the stem is sealed with a ring 10 and closed with a lid 3. A flange 11 with holes for fixing the extreme positions is installed on the flange of the housing 1. The shutter is rotated by a handle 12 with a position lock. On request, the shutter can be equipped with a worm gear or a pneumatic or electric drive instead of a handle


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1BodySteel 25L
2BookcaseSteel 25L
3CapSteel 20
4StockSteel 14X17N2
5DiskSteel 12X18N9TL
((12X18N10T). PTFE)
7Thrust ringSteel 12X18H10T
Steel 12X18N10T + graphite
9Stuffing boxGraphite
11FlangeSteel 20
12HandleSteel 12X18N10T
13PinSteel 20X13


FB99 000 200 000162002952687122
FB99 000 250 0002503553207626
FB99 000 300 00030041037883


FB99 300 080 0006,38017013864М20
FB99 300 100 000100200162М24
FB99 300 15000015028021876М30
FB99 300 200 00020034528589М33
FB99 300 250 000250400345114
FB99 300 300 000300460410
FB99 300 500 000500705615152М45

The rotary disc shutter with triple eccentricity is used as a pipeline shut-off and regulating device. The design of the valve provides for the option of an inter-flange installation. The presence of a triple eccentricity and a metal-to-metal seal allows for more precise control of the flow rate and pressure of the medium. The absence of polymer and rubber seals on the rotary disc and seat makes it possible to operate the locking device at temperatures up to 300 ° C.


Scope of application

Disc valves with eccentricity and a metal-to-metal disc seal can be installed on:

  • pipelines of heat supply and water supply systems;
  • gas distribution networks and gas equipment;
  • sewage treatment plants and drainage systems;
  • technological lines of industrial enterprises;
  • thermal power facilities.


Gases and liquids, including mildly aggressive and containing abrasive particles, can act as the transported medium.



The basis of the shutter is a steel case in which a rotary locking disc is installed. The valve is controlled by turning the metal handle, through a gearbox or an installed drive. The locking disc and the handle are connected by a current, the tightness of which is ensured by an oil seal.


Operational parameters:

  • the diameter range of the conditional passage is 80-300 mm;
  • working medium pressure 1.6 or 6.3 MPa;
  • temperature from -196°C to +425°C;
  • climatic version UHL1, from -60°C to +50 °C.


Sealing materials – fluoroplast, stuffing box, graphite.



The price of a rotary disc shutter with a triple eccentricity varies depending on many factors, including pressure, diameter and material design. Additionally, the individual wishes of the customer are taken into account.

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