Quality Management System

The quality policy

The strategic purpose is satisfaction of shareholders, personnel of the enterprise and society by releasing high quality production for the market which meets the requirements of users by its effective and reliable work during the life cycle. We are focused on constant increase of users’ satisfaction.

Quality manual

The requirements of the Quality manual apply to all activities of the enterprise in the sphere of quality management, design and production of pipeline ball valves, from getting an order up to delivery of the production to the customer, moreover, the production passed final control with the formulation of the corresponding quality certificates.

Quality program

Realization of the model of the enterprise business development on the base of comprehensive introduction and improvement of the quality management system


The Quality Management System of “Fobos” JSC meets the specifications of International Standard ISO 9001:2000 and API Spec Q1 and ISO/TS29001. Certificate of Authority to use the Official API Monogram (API Spec 6D), License number: 6D-0843.

Serial production of ball valves FB meets the State Standard specification of Russia (GOST), safety requirements of Rostechnadzor of Russia. Certificate of conformance number: РОСС RU.АЯ45.

The application of ball valves FB39 in the process lines at chemical, petrochemical, oil-refining and other industries relating to circulation or storage of explosive-flammable and toxic substances and mixtures, and also on the objects of gas supply system is permitted by the Rostechnadzor of Russia. License number: РРС 00-31539.

The production of shut-off-and-regulating and safety valves intended for transportation of liquified hydrocarbon gases is examined by the Russian Marine Register of Navigation. Certificate of Russian Marine Register of Shipping number: 05.50224.130

The production and application of ball valves FB meet the state sanitary-hygienic code. Sanitary certificate number:П.000267.02.05.

Here you can find and print all the documents proving the quality of our products, certifying them and permitting the application.

alt Certificate of conformance of Quality Management System to standard
ISO 9001:2000
alt Licence of Rostechnadzor of Russia alt Certificate of conformance alt Certificate of Russian Marine Register of Shipping alt Certificate of Authority to use the Official API MonogramI alt Sanitary certificate