Because of the facts of the unauthorized use of  “Fobos” trade mark, FOBOS JSC urges customers to check the identification marks on our pipeline ball valves: those are the "ФОБОС" mark casted on the valve body, the "ФОБОС" inscription on the handle

The company notifies about counterfeited ball valves on the goods market.  These pipeline ball valves were not checked properly against the standards of the quality of pipeline ball valves. FOBOS JSC urges customers of pipeline ball valves to do the following:

The company informs the customers, who purchase counterfeited or produced pipeline ball valves sold at dumping prices, about the following: 

FOBOS JSC officially announces about joining the politics of Scientific & Industrial Valve Manufacturers Association (NPAA) of struggle against illegal circulation of counterfeited production, namely pipeline ball valves and actuators.

We will put on our website the following: